• Role Creative / Art Director
  • Date January 2019
  • Type Photography / Art / Graphic Design
  • URL www.iampototo.com

Ale Burset is an advertising and fashion photographer with more than 50 international awards, 33 of them in Cannes Lions. For the last seven years, Ale Burset occupies the number 1 position in the ranking of the renowned advertising magazine Luerzer´s Archive.

I AM POTOTO is a project of Ale Burset with no commercial end.

I AM POTOTO 5 – cover 1

I AM POTOTO 5 – index

I AM POTOTO was born as a way to rebel against the idea of waiting till an agency or someone calls you to do a nice job.
I AM POTOTO is a space in which, every 2 or 3 months, I shoot stories, different ones.
But the most relevant idea of I AM POTOTO is that it’s a space, nowadays only a web space, in which I invite creatives of all over the world, of different advertising agencies, different kind of creatives in hight, intermediate or low level. I invite them to interfere my images, just to have fun. They use my photographic story and transform it in another image, a richer and most interesting one.
I send them some images and work on them, even in special cases, writing a text, a poem… whatever they wish.
The slogani is “DREAM AND PLAY” the only MUST!

Ale Burset

Ale Burset original shot


Ale Burset original shot

Artwork 2

Thanks Ale Burset: