Visual Identity


  • Role Creative / Art Director
  • For BOOM – Italy
  • Date October 2019
  • Type Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Website / Photography
  • URL
  • Agency Apart Collective

BOOM is a brand new digital platform providing on-demand photography services to brands working either in the real estate, food, travel or event industries.

BOOM’s aim is to support photographers and brands across the entire cycle of a photo shoot, from booking to delivery, making their work life easier.


To give a visual shape to this young start-up, we designed the new website with a new look & feel and tone of voice: a new vibrant color palette, a 'revival' font that comes from 1960, a new set of icons made with collage art and, finally, the key visual of the couple. The metaphor is simple: Boom is the guy helping the photographer doing what she loves.


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Photographer's page

Business's page

BOOM is positive.
BOOM is ironic.
BOOM is smart.
BOOM is inspiring.
BOOM is bold.



Photography: Chiara Quadri
Illustration: Laura Mangone
Apart Collective